Natural Medical, Natural Medicine Possibly news one is can make the brown pencinta brightened up, the reason is there are an invention indicates that enjoying milk chocolate bar will increase energy?power function of brain. Compounds which there is in chocolate is told can increase awareness and concentration ability. " Brown contained many having the character of element to become stimulant for example theobromine, phenethylamine, and caffeine. The compounds has been found before all haves the character of increasing level of awareness and concentration ability, and has we have known that with consuming chocolate we can obtain the stimulation effect, which will make improvement of performa tantalum," his continuation. Raudenbush and its(the friends is also tells, research to effect to ability of brain to a number of volunteers consuming chocolate in a few chocolate type, in four separate cases that is group firstly consumes 85 milk chocolate bar grams, 85 black chocolate grams, 85 grams carob, and fourth group doesn't consume any. After 15 minutes , the volunteers in this research experiences some tests neuropsikologis design to see cognate perfoma, including recall, concentration energy?power, ability reacts and ability to solve problem. " Value for recall verbal and also highest visual for they entering group of consuming milk chocolate bar, compared to third of other group," said Raudenbush to mass media. Improvement of good recall of verbal and visual also happened in group consuming other chocolate type, but result of his(its stays under first group. From research before all, has been known some nutritions in side dish releases glucose adding blood stream, where can have an effect on for cognate ability. Result of invention is now to supports opinion before all, even clarifies that consuming chocolate can increase brain job(activity energy) power performance.



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