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Natural Medical, Natural Medicine Watermelon is believe to comes from desert Kalahari, Afrika. According to the researchers, this fruit first time is harvested last 5000 years in Egypt and according to trust of that moment ancestors, this used fruit for obsequies of kings that soul they get nutrition in afterlife. And from there watermelon is brought [by] circumference to nations in world. Today, we know that which have been buried explains can no longer enjoy nutrition of watermelon. We which [is] entitled to enjoy delicious and what a nutritious of fruit which the one cuts is same the function with a glassful the water. But remembers, when consuming watermelon, part of green near by the skin is part of primal which must follow you to eat besides its the red or yellow colour is only. Any kind of function of watermelon? 1. If you are medium is diet, hence watermelon is you good friend. This free fruit of fat and has combination of limited sugar rate and copious water content. More than anything else, fruit of this had the character of quickly fully filled in bouncing up. 2. Watermelon hardly good for hypertension. Water content and its(the high potassium neutralisation of blood pressure can. 3. Watermelon also keys up heart job activity 4. Its(the antioxidant is including betakaroten and ascorbic acid assists body cells remain to healthy. 5. Watermelon also functions to stimulate the exit urine is more rapidly so that hardly good to they experiencing trouble to urinate. 6. Watermelon can be used to reduce fever 7. Watermelon can prevent sprue with effective Is watermelon correctness be fruit of anticancer? All having beginning of from likopen. Likopen one of carotenoid component as does betakaroten. But is in comparing other antioxidant, like ascorbic acid and E, strength of likopen in fighting free radical far more effective. Free radical takes place uncontrollably, either due pattern eats intruding, pollution or negativity mind, impenetrability of body will decline. As a result yes assorted disease and skin of the body becomes drought, bleak, and lax. With likopen which there is in watermelon, paralysis free radical may directly! this Likopen can put to rout cancer seed. Many eating watermelon, even every day also problem do not, exactly can shrink gracious canker risk and pancreas cancer at woman. To digestion cancer, likopen watermelon can prevent it is finite the risk decreases his half, like buccal cavity cancer, throat cancer, stomach cancer, large intestine cancer, cancer anus. So also with prostate cancer. Whew! Besides, likopen good for making face seems to glittering, seen fresh and more young. For lansia, watermelon is not only assists cures quicker health trouble, but also assists increasing ability of mental and recall durability. Watermelon called as strong medicine for man, is it correct that?? Likopen in watermelon also renders special kasiat for man married. This fruit can increase fertility and assists awakens enthusiasm in man sexual. For they longing has descendant, this fruit also able to hardly assists. Believes or no, research indicates that compound sitrulin in watermelon, has the same aphrodisiac effect of the excitement with viagra, but at all without side effects. Will try? Local watermelon of seed, seedlessness watermelon, yellows watermelon, red watermelon, import watermelon, integer watermelon, oblong watermelon, or variety that is it doesn't matter that, permanent watermelon of pre-eminent fruit and having special quality height! Makes this fruit as kado your love for families. Safe is enjoyed how also you to like and the fresh is also incomparable.



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