Go For a Herbal Psoriasis Cure

Natural Medical. The chronic non-contagious skin disease of psoriasis is believed to affect over 4 million American people and is also believed to be incurable, but only treatable instead. The skin condition of Psoriasis is an infamous skin disease that will flare up or go into remission at most anytime when least wanted or expected. This skin disease is described as an over active outer layer of the skin that produces cells faster than is needed and collects upon the surface leading turning into severe scaling, itchy, red swollen skin. With any recurring signs of psoriasis there is the handful of common inner body triggers that seems to be related to the skin disorder flare-ups. A few of these triggers are linked to extreme amounts of prolonged stress, severe trauma or injury of some type, and even forms of severe illness. Due to triggers which may be related or unrelated, flare ups are a very unwelcoming event that happens at any given time. Psoriasis happens when the skin plaques are thought to be reacting to the over reactive immune system. With the new skin cells producing on the average of once each month like a healthy body does , psoriasis is the term for what happens when the skin in regenerating new skin every 3 to 5 days. Quickly creating several unwanted new skin layers upon the top skin's surface. Unfortunately there has not been enough time to naturally shed the original top layers of skin before the new skin rebuilds causing the very unwanted extra skin layer effect. Since there is yet a cure for psoriasis, control is the best that can be done for any level of this irritating and embarrassing disease. The topical treatments and other creams, ointments and salves that doctors will prescribe for rubbing onto the scaly, itchy red areas will help sooth the flared ups. Many prescription creams will usually contain coal tar, retinoic acid, and vitamin D derivatives. There are also prescriptions of medicines that contain steroids or other similar ingredients that are to slow down new skin growth. There are many people who prefer to use herbal treatments for their psoriasis. Just as doctor prescribed treatments, the herbal treatments also include topical creams, ointments, salves and bath soaks. Most of these herbal treatments include Aloe Vera that is very effective in softening the skin plaques. Oatmeal baths are also highly effective in the extra skin softening for better flaking and removal of psoriasis infected areas. For natural skin healing, there are highly effective herbs like chickweed and cumfrey. These natural methods are to also include diet improvement and adjustments in proper vitamin intake. by: Darren Brent



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