Retain Sharp Memory at Old Age with Vegetables

Natural Medical. Vegetables, green and colored have the capacities to retain sharp memory even at old age - say different researches conducted at different Universities of the USA. Rush University, Chicago conducted a six year study under the leadership of Dr Martha Claire Morris. The 3700 subjects that take vegetables regularly exhibited better mental cognitive skills and memory. The memory of people who take vegetables three times a day was sharper by 40% than people who took vegetables once a day. Vitamin E, which is common in leafy vegetables enhances mental powers and memory skills. Including different vegetables in daily diet and taking an abundance of vegetables ensures supply of different nutrients to the body. Gooseberry, another fruit rich in Vitamin C also makes an essential part of older people's diet. Gooseberry is a memory booster and promotes memory capacity of the old age people. Chyavanaprash given to young students is an Ayurvedic formulation, which has gooseberry in good proportion. In addition to vegetables, you can also take lots of fruits and nuts. Almond, cashew, etc make good contenders for your diet. Researches after research certify you that the active biological contents in fruits and plant parts have positive impact on human health. Ayurvedic herbs like Brahmi and Gotu Kola are also known to promote brain activity in children, which are equally beneficial to people in the old age too. Shankupushpi is another herb, which is also helpful in maintaining good memory in the old age. In addition what you eat, you must also concentrate on giving some mental stimulation to the aging brain or else it will soon start deteriorating. Simple mental games make wonderful brain stimulators and that too is helpful in keeping your mind in good condition. by: Dev Sri



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