Caring for the body with the beauty of Honey

Natural Medical. Every woman surely try with all means to maintain the beauty of their bodies. One of the treatments you can do is natural since the first time able to maintain the trust of beauty is a honey. Because the uterus is a humectant in honey has the ability to attract and bind moisture.  Skin that is capable of maintaining humidity is an important factor for maintaining the softness, elasticity and skin softness. With increasing age, the skin will lose its ability to bind water so that cause dry skin or wrinkles. Environmental influences also play a role and aggravate the condition of your skin is exposed such as pollution and chemical substances.  A latest research results to develop a process using honey to create alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs). AHAs are the womb that is important in every skin cream and moisturizer. Treatment with this handy way to increase skin cell repair and rejuvenate the skin. This can also cause skin irritation, but one with added moisturizer of natural honey to create this product to be perfect.  So you can take care of yourself with this natural, without any salon or spa to the center. There are several steps you can do so using the honey treatment can provide the right benefits, see below.  If you have light skin and pustular skin soothing want then you can Mix ½ cup of warm water with ¼ teaspoon salt. Use cotton buds as a tool to spread directly on the part of your pimply face. Its pressure with cotton for a few minutes, to become a part. Use cotton, oles a honeymoon in the pustular and leave for 10 minutes. And the net is slowly until dry.  To tighten your facial skin, use a mixture of one tablespoon honey, 1 egg white seeds, one teaspoon glycerin (available at pharmacies and beauty stores) and to become a kind of Mix pasta. Oles is slowly on the face and neck and leave for 10 minutes, then clean with just hot water.  Use honey as a conditioner for your hair. How is the mix with ½ cup honey ¼ cup olive oil. Oles just little by little on the hair, along with light massage on the head so that all hair terolesi. Close cover the hair with the hair for 30 minutes. Remove the cover the hair, then shampoo with a shampoo and Rinse to clean. Dried with a normal way.



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