The Lemon Juice Diet

Natural Medical. The lemon juice diet may be one of the best diets in the market place today. I needed to lose a few extra pounds and get in better shape and I was looking for diets that are realistic and doable. There are many fly by night diets out there which claim to work but I wasn't sure on which one to choose. I read some reviews and testimonials on the lemon juice diet and people seem to be satisfied with the results it produced. The diet of lemon juice is pretty much just drinking lemonade for a period of 5 to 10 days, which is more of a detox then long term diet. The diet can be rough in the beginning but it is important to not give up and quit. I wanted to eat so bad but I knew this was for the greater good of my health and weight loss. It's not just sitting around drinking juice all day you should still work out which I did. Walking around the block, jogging, or going to the gym will help you take you mind off not eating food. People say no pain, no gain and this couldn't be more true. You really have t put yourself through pain to see the benefits of a healthy body. Is this diet of lemon juice worth it? I would say it is because I did lose weight and I feel better now then before I started the diet. I would suggest the lemon juice diet for those looking to lose a few extra pounds and feel better about themselves. By : W. P. Allen



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