Orgasme early solution

Natural Medical. Definition and understanding of early orgasme | health genitals | male low appetite or also called the men with premature orgasme is a problem in which the couple have sex in the men's exit or orgasme more women than before. This can cause problems because the women do not get the peak of pleasure / frigid. Time is not a problem even if your wife out in the tempo of 10 seconds and 15 seconds on you. Sometimes the problem is not understood and were by men, so it can be a problem in the domestic affairs outside the bed. In relation husband wife both parties should equally get satisfaction. Basic sex education should be known and understood by both parties, do not want to have to win without thinking about their own pair Steps to prevent and early orgasme | health genitals | male lust lower early / early orgasme | health tools vkelamin | man premature low appetite: 1. Direction and concentration of mind Navigate your mind on something that does not have relevance when dealing with the sex body. Can also think that while you do not like. This will reduce the stimulus received by the husband. 2. Reduce the sensitivity on the penis Use condoms, cream or other means of sex that can reduce the stimulus received by the men. Condoms should be used to measure thick in order to reduce the stimulus that will receive later. 3. Pull technique When the male orgasme immediate rush to pull it on time, do not leave until all the sperm. This technique required the role of the wife to be successful. 4. The right position so early is not fast orgasme Find positions that are usually intimate relationship you can enjoy for a long time. Use this position early in the game so that you can last longer and you can pair orgasme or out first.



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