yoga meditation is to balance the energy of the body

Are you new to try yoga? The whole practice is a yoga practice of meditation. When you do yoga, you are very focused on what happens with your body and what you're trying to do., The concentration of which is the basis of meditation. There are specific yoga meditations you can do. Here is one of a very good way to make all you can to balance the body's energy. 1. sit quietly, and you know to become Agency You can do this meditation under a flat surface, such the floor, or while you sit upright in the chair. It took some time, in the pull-in of breath and concentration. Close your eyes if you want. 2. As long as you follow your Energy Body Starting with the left foot, he becomes aware. Realizing your foot, your feet will be realized, it will be aware of your foot sole. Next, you'll be aware of the left leg calf muscle. You'll realize the left knee. Gradually move to the top of the left foot, and then focus on the right foot. Gradually focus on each part of the right foot, then focus on the body. Awareness of the right move slowly throughout the body, as happened with the fast or slow as you need. 3. The concentration Akan thoughts and emotions disrupt your focus as you move your awareness through your body. Just always have thoughts and emotions, and then let them go. . 4.Controling emotions Strong feelings arise in you. You can treat this emotion in one of two ways. You can let them go, or you can accept them, and they feel great. Feelings and emotions that are stored in the body. Each had experienced the trauma that has been placed under its former your body. This is why sometimes you will cry alone, laugh or when you do yoga. You don't go mad, but you're experiencing the process of yoga. One way to remove the impression this is emotional and emotions to welcome you to focus entirely on them for some time. Some emotions are very strong, and if you feel the emotions become too much for you, go back to your body scan. However, if you can accept an emotion, and allows, you'll find that emotions rise to the top, and then slowly dissipates. You feel the need to remove the emotion used in the emotional body, so it will not be afraid of any emotion aroused by yoga. They're perfectly natural. When you've completed all of your body scans, lie still for a moment, and assess what has changed since you started meditation. This is a strong, balancing yoga meditation. If you stress, it will relax you, and whenever you get tired, will energize you.



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