100 Calorie Treats For Chocolate Lovers

Natural Medical. How many of us have experienced a chocolate craving? I think that I can confidently state that each and every person has experienced a craving for this delicious treat at one time or another. Chocolate has this way of getting the best of us. Even if you happen to be on a diet, sometimes you just can't resist the temptation. However, what many people on a diet are unaware of is that there are countless chocolaty treats out there with 100 calories or less. What this means is that you can easily incorporate one of these snacks into your daily food routine. If you are craving real chocolate, some delicious choices include Nestle "Dark" Raisinets (one eight of a cup), Hershey's milk chocolate kisses (4), and Hershey sticks (one at 60 calories). The Hershey's sticks come in a variety of flavors, as do Hershey's kisses. All of these delicious chocolaty treats can surely cure the craving and they can do so with only 90 calories or less. Now if you are craving dairy, you can always make yourself your very own chocolate milk. Simply mix two-thirds of a cup of 1% milk with four teaspoons of light Hershey's syrup. Mix it all together and add some ice for a 100 calorie treat. And if you are craving some chocolate on the go, there are numerous products available at your local grocery store. Some of these treats include Quaker Mini Delights (chocolate drizzle multi-grain cakes), Chips Ahoy Thin Crisps (100 calorie pack), Kellogg's Special K Bar (chocolaty drizzle), Quaker Chewy Granola Bar (Chocolate chunk), Chocolate Honey Maid Delight Bars (100 calorie pack), and South Beach Living Snack Bars (Chocolate Raspberry). All of these treats can easily settle that chocolate craving with only 100 calories. So just because you are on a diet, it does not mean that you have to abstain yourself from the things you love. By: Lauren S Johnson



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