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Natural Medical.Do you compete in sports for weight loss or fat burning? Are you frustrated by that stubborn fat that seems to stay with you no matter how hard you train? Many athletes are in the same boat. They train hard, lose some weight, but then hit a plateau and the fat loss stops. There are reasons for this, but more importantly, there is a solution! Often, athletes are unable to trim down to their ideal weight or shape due to factors such as: · Eating too much and eating the wrong foods · Training too HARD (YES! You may need to slow down to burn fat), including not taking recovery days · Skipping strength training workouts · Feeling stressed about “getting all your workouts in” As a former athlete, reality started settling in after I graduated from college and I needed a fitness and nutrition plan that worked! The mac & cheese and meatless spaghetti diet was failing me. I was getting a gut and I was tired all the time. I started making massive changes to my diet and finally got back to being trim and fit and had more natural energy. The changes I implemented were even more important as I started doing triathlons. As an athlete, you need the energy to train sometimes twice a day, and at the same time, you need to prevent from being broken down and susceptible to colds and flus. You need to keep your endurance up and keep injuries away. How can you do all this and maximize your fat burning potential? In my new e-Book, The Healthy Burn, I give you an effective, easy to follow plan to help you reach your physical goals. My book includes: Ø What Low Carb, Low Fat, and calorie-restricting diets don't tell you that will make a huge difference in burning fat all day long! Ø The best foods and the worst foods for your health Ø Which fats help you lose weight and boost your immune system, and which ones to avoid Ø 7 items to look for in a grocery store that can do wonders for your health Ø The lies that are told about exercising hard to burn calories and why this is an inefficient way to lose weight and a lot more! If you are looking to get into the shape of your life without getting sick all the time, you need to train smart, not hard! By Kevin Koskella



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