Tips to Control Diabetes

Natural Medical. Type l diabetes, is caused by the body not producing enough insulin to properly regulate blood sugar and Type ll is caused by the body developing resistance to insulin. The symptoms of diabetes can lead to long term serious health risks and complications. Some of the symptoms are: Excessive thirst, Excessive hunger, frequent urination, tiredness and fatigue, sudden weight loss. If diabetes is diagnosed in the advanced stage, it can be prevented through proper diet, exercise and proper blood sugar management. blurred vision, numbness in the hand and feet Diabetes can be controlled but not fully cured, but if you follow my home remedy and tips, to a great extent, this disease can be controlled Have 50% protein in diet, tofu should be eaten once in a day, have a small portion of chicken, avoid beef, have lot of vegetables. Early in the morning, on an empty stomach take one teaspoon fenugreek seeds with a glass of water. Chew two flakes of garlic every morning, it is good for heart problem too. Wheat flour 100 gm, Gum(goundh) 100 gm, Barley 100 gm, Black seed 100gm. Take five cup of water, mix all these ingredient and let it boil for 10 minutes on a low flame, keep on stirring it. Filter it and preserve the water in a bottle, take half cup of this water every morning on empty stomach for seven days, next week repeat the same for alternate days, use for two weeks to see the result. By Reshma Karimulla Basha



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