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The overwhelming number of sites offering men all over the world drugs for treating male impotence clearly states that erectile dysfunction is a worldwide problem that affects many people. Fact is that about 120 million men all over the globe are suffering from ED in different forms, and that's really a lot of people. Of course, the development of effective drugs for treating the condition has given hope to many men, but it also took the attention off some serious factors that are influencing erectile dysfunction in the first place, making people deal with the consequence rather than the cause.

Erectile dysfunction is a problem that affects practically all men at a certain stage of their lives. And if the common belief links impotence to older stages of life, in reality younger and middle-aged men also experience erectile dysfunction in a great extent. We are not speaking about occasional mishaps that happen to everyone. Erectile dysfunction is not when you can't get an erection from time to tome - that's natural, as there are so many factors influencing a hard, solid erection that you might wonder why you are still able to get one. Erectile dysfunction is when a good erection can't be achieved on a regular basis, making suitable sexual life almost impossible. And it's a medical condition that has its causes, which should be addressed.

Of course, impotence can be caused by a series of factors such as medications that you are taking, surgeries that you have recently undergone, or conditions that you are suffering from. And by treating the factors, which are influencing erectile dysfunction, you will be able to overcome impotence. However, in many cases, conditions such as diabetes, blood pressure issues, cholesterol imbalance, hormone level problems, which are all the primary causes for ED, are strongly influenced by your lifestyle. Eating unhealthy food, lacking physical exercise, smoking, drinking, abusing recreational drugs - these are all an effective way of developing erectile dysfunction in just any age. So before you visit one of those online Viagra sites to order some pills, take a closer look on the way you live your life.

Recent studies have shown that a turn towards a healthily lifestyle can dramatically improve the quality of your erection. A group of obese men with various degrees of erectile dysfunction, who were drinking and smoking, have taken part in an experiment that has taken two years to be complete. Over this period of time, these men had to follow a low-calorie diet, give up smoking and drinking too much alcohol, had to exercise regularly and follow a healthy sleeping schedule. The results were quite impressive, because not only the test subject have minimized their health risks such as diabetes and blood diseases, but have also shown a dramatic improvement in the quality of their sexual lives, about a third of them stating that they had completely forgotten about erectile dysfunction. And they weren't taking any drugs like Viagra or other erectile dysfunction treatments.

So when you think about treating ED, first think of the way you're treating your body and living your life. Maybe changing your lifestyle will be the step you need to make for enjoying your sexual life to the max?



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