Tips For Contact Lens Users

Contact lens more and more popular. The price is more affordable with a choice of colors makes contact lenses more and more popular, not only for functional purposes but also as a supplement and cosmetics. Unfortunately the use of contact lenses is not without problems. Itchy eyes, watery eyes precipitation of proteins and often accompanies the use of contact lenses. Here are tips to help minimize irritation and keep your eyes stay healthy: Select a contact lens with water content of 50-60 percent. If too high, it will quickly absorb water so that the eyes were dry. Clean your contact lens regularly with a solution of salt or protein tablets to avoid the deposition of protein in the lens Check your eyes to the eye doctor at least once a year. It is very important to maintain eye health and safe contact lens use Before touching contact lenses, wash your hands first so as not to contaminate contact lenses. And for more details about the contact lenses you can visit here: Kontaktlinsen



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